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Replacing your old bathroom fixtures

Sometimes it's unavoidable- you need new bathroom fixtures. The taps on your sink become a challenge to operate, the toilet takes a dozen attempts to flush, the shower is clogged within the pipes and all you get is a dribble. No matter what the problem, we can install new bathroom fixtures that will make your life easier.

Time for an upgrade?

Are your pipes and fixtures old? As they get older, many parts will begin to show the signs of age, and it may be better to replace them entirely than repair parts here and there. This isn't just because new fixtures might look better, or because new pipes are, well, new. New techniques and technologies may have become commonplace since your pipes and fixtures were installed, and yours may be in need of an upgrade.

Giving you the best value for money

We're not the cheapest, but we might just be the best value for money. No matter what budget you can work in, we'll find ways to make the most of your money. Our plumbing installations can last for a long time, upwards of 20, 30, sometimes even 40 years. Many fixtures aren't built to be taken apart and force you to be reliant on the manufacturer. But when we install your plumbing we ensure that it'll be easy to repair should anything go wrong.
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If you want something a more extensive than a new sink or toilet, we also offer complete bathroom fitting.
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