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A heating engineer you can trust

Did your recent repair quote seem high? Well don't worry, our heating repairs aren't at prices that will give you the chills. We always give honest advice that's best for you. Sometimes we might suggest you spend a little more, but only because the improved quality will save you money in the long run.

Heating repairs

Problems with heating your home? There are several problems that can occur with central heating, some at the boiler and some in other parts of the system. We can fix them all.

Heating maintenance and servicing

When was the last time you had maintenance on your heating? Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your heating always works when you need it.

Power flushing and changing your radiators

Sometimes your radiators need a power flush. Sometimes they need replacing. We'll tell you which is best for you to give you the heating you want throughout winter.
Do you need repairs, maintenance, or power flushing? If you're not sure, just call us on 01245 478 111
Not sure whether it's heating orplumbingservices you need? That's okay, we can take care of it either way.
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