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What seems to be the problem?

A fault with your boiler can cause a number of problems. You might end up with a complete loss of heat, some rooms being cold while others are hot, or leaks, and it can be dangerous if there's a gas leak. If you notice any of these, or your boiler begins making unusual noises, it's best to call in the experts as soon as possible to have the problem fixed before it gets worse.

We don't hang about

Central heating breakdowns often require immediate repair. Frozen pipes can burst and result in property damage, a broken thermostat can result in a lack of hot water or heating, and your boiler could simply not be heating your home anywhere near as effectively as it could. No matter the problem, we'll get it fixed. We can often get the needed components and carry out the repairs to your central heating on the same day.

The best option for you

There are times when repair isn't the best option. Older boilers are more prone to developing faults as a result of both their age and their dated technology. Sometimes you're better off getting a new boiler installed than constantly repairing the old one. Not only will the new one be more efficient and therefore save you money on your bills, it will be much less likely to develop problems and could save you money on all those repairs.
We are Baxi and Potterton recommended installers. Baxi can do finance for boilers at a cheaper rate than the Gas Board. Baxi Boilers have 7-10 year warranties. Their own elected heat team repairers carry out a next day service if you have the boiler fitter by a recommended installer, of which we are.
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Want to ensure that your boiler runs smoothly for as long as possible? Get regularmaintenance and servicing.
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