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Why should you get your boiler serviced?

Regular boiler servicing is essential. It ensures continued safe and efficient operation, keeps your bills down and identifies faults that you may not realise are there. If your boiler is not serviced once a year and these faults go overlooked, they can turn into expensive repairs in-between services. That's where our heating maintenance and boiler servicing come in.

All kinds of boilers and systems

There are a number of gas boilers and central heating systems out there. Don't worry though, because we're trained and experienced in servicing basically all of them. This means that in addition to providing you with complete boiler servicing, we'll be able to advise you on how best to maintain your boiler all year round. This will help you save money on repairs and help it run at peak efficiency to save you money on your bills.

What do we look for in a gas boiler check?

  • That the boiler's flame is the correct colour and not a carbonising flame
  • The main components (the heat exchanger, main gas injectors, burners, and spark & sensor probe) for signs of damage
  • All pipes for cracks or signs of leaks
  • Flue terminals for obstructions, flue components for seals
  • Flue gases to measure efficiency and levels of carbon monoxide emission, as well as the CO to CO2 balance
  • Gas tightness at the meter, to ensure that the entire installation is sound
When was your last boiler service? Don't wait until winter to get your heating checked. Call 01245 478 111
Got a fault with your boiler? It may needrepairingandpower flushingcan help with maintaining central heating.
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